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       The School Mannagement And The Governing Council

Head Teacher- Mrs.Harinder Bhinder



Dear Parents,


It is my firm belief that each child is special and unique while we appreciate and build upon their strengths, we need to be patient with their weaknesses, teaching them skills to help overcome from shorting comings.


‘Parivartan’ or Change is the keyword for 21st century in Indian education. From marks to grades, real to virtual classrooms, blackboards to smart boards’

education has acquired a completely new definition and dimension. In these times, it is important that our children are provided proper guidance and support so that they become socially oriented, sensitive and value based world citizens.


As an education activist, it has always been my personal philosophy to espouse and endorse the fact that while the world would benefit enormously from brilliant creative minds, what the world is in a dire need of is compassionate, caring, good human beings, who care more about making a positive contribution to humanity, rather than seeking purely materialistic personal advancement.


It is my earnest request to each member of the parent body to take keen interest in your child’s school life. In whatever slab your child is, keep the channels of communication open, encourage them at every step and reward development. I sincerely believe that our combined efforts will empower our children to carve a niche for themselves.


Here is looking forward to a bright future for all of us.


Harinder Bhinder



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