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       Empowering Rural India


About The School:

Our school is situated in the beautiful village of Talegaon, in Wardha district, between Nagpur and Amravati. Most children travel from a wide catchment area, with families choosing our school for its child-orientated ethos. Here children play in the natural beauty of the grounds, with access to the village field, and enjoy good and outstanding teaching and learning, supported by an exciting curriculum built around their interests.



"Teaching is consistently good and teachers are always striving to

improve. They plan lessons that excite the pupils and there is a strong

focus on investigative approaches to learning in all lessons."



It is important to recognize that the expectations of high standards of behaviour are for the well-being of all members of the school and community. Good manners and politeness are an important part of everyday life and, therefore, courtesy is expected between all members of the school and between members of the school and the public. The ultimate aim of the expectations is to ensure that the good name of Innovative Minds School of Excellence’s is upheld, that the well-being of the community both inside and outside is maintained, and that the school routine can run efficiently. To this end the following summary is given:

  • Respect each other

  • Respect the school

  • Serve the interests of the community

We expect parents to support the school in maintaining a caring, work-oriented environment for the benefit of every student.



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