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       The School Mannagement And The Governing Council

Principal - Mrs.Bhiki Sharma Kale



Dear Parents,


We solicit your co-operation in building an institution synonymous with excellence, with the reputation of providing a first rate all-round education for children from all over the world. We look forward to academic results that speak for themselves along with outstanding achievements in sport, music, drama and other activities. The friendly, cheerful atmosphere of the school helps our students enjoy learning and we mean to empower them to take increasing

responsibility for themselves and for others around them.


It is our ambition that IMSE's students should leave school with an enthusiasm for learning which will last them a lifetime. By encouraging creativity and originality alongside honesty, sensitivity and compassion we believe that our students will develop the capacity to meet the challenges of the modern world and lead happy and fulfilling lives.


Best wishes

Mrs.Bhiki Sharma Kale



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