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Innovative Minds School of Excellence celebrated the 125th Birth Centenary of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar by enacting a mock parliament among the class IX students on 21st August 2015


The children enacted a Loksabha session and proposed some wonderful bills.


Some examples are: -

  1. Capital punishment be abolished.

  2. Media should be monitored by some external power to avoid misuse and misinformation.

  3. Plastic waste should be used to build roads.

  4. There should be a provision for a agricultural lab between every two villages which would give them constant help pertaining to their crop, area and soil.

It is refreshing to witness the insight of the youngsters today. It is very promising and motivating. The future for the mankind looks bright at the hands of children who are not only aware of what is happening around them but have the guts and intelligence to suggest solutions.





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