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Mud Play


Working with the elements touches something that seems to be at the core of us as humans; it ignites our sense of discovery and investigation of the world around us.
Earth, in all it’s various forms, is a rich resource for exploration. It enables creativity to flourish in so many ways: you can sculpt it, grow things in it, find creatures living in it, find traces of things that were once living in it, you can mix it with water and build with it…

Earth can be many, many different colours; you can make it solid or you can crumble it into teeny fragments… It can be hot, cold, strong, soft, sticky, squelchy, gritty or runny… Treasure may be buried deep down and digging huge holes will captivate children for a long time.

This Diwali the students of Innovative Minds School let themselves loose in the mud play and build a 'quilla' out of the mud. The joy is evident on their faces.





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